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A Platform for Contemporary Art

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The Medium Festival

Medium is a four-day photography event in San Diego celebrating boundary-pushing artists of our time. We are the only photo festival in the United States that offers tours to Latin America and grants for Latin American artists. From October 17-20 we present a renowned two-day portfolio review with leading curators, gallerists, and publishers, in addition to two days of artist lectures, a studio and exhibition tour in Tijuana, and our juried exhibition Size Matters.


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Medium Review

Our annual portfolio review is coveted by photographers and curators alike for being a welcoming event in a relaxed environment that offers significant opportunities for fine art photographers. 2019 registration is open through June 30 on a first-come, first-served basis. Our list of reviewers will be updated throughout spring 2019.

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San Diego / Tijuana


Uniquely situated near the busiest land border crossing in the world, San Diego offers a perfect jumping off point to experience the influence and richness of Latin America. Each year we visit artist studios and exhibition spaces in Tijuana, Mexico as part of the annual gathering in October. Our next tour of studios in Tijuana will be on October 20—registration is opening on August 17.

I have been trying to absorb the magnitude of what I experienced at Medium. I mean wow! I was not remotely aware of how much this festival would impact me. Meeting such a giving and open community of artists and curators was beyond my expectations. Second the impact of the artist talks left me in some cases very teary.
— Rocio Graham