Medium Review

Our annual portfolio review offers the opportunity for creative artists to meet with museum curators, gallery owners, and editors from across the spectrum of fine art photography. Limited to 65 photographers, the Medium Review takes place over two days, October 17-18, allowing each participating photographer to schedule 8 meetings where portfolios of original prints are shared and professional relationships are born.

To help build a more sustainable planet we offset the carbon footprint of all reviewer travel through We encourage participating photographers to join us in making Medium a carbon neutral review event.

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The annual Review registration takes place in a 48 hour window on April 17-18, 2019, with spaces filled on a first come, first served basis. Our list of approximately 25 reviewers offers photographers the opportunity to schedule meetings with the reviewers of their choice, which take place at the annual Review on October 17-18, 2019.


The Medium Review takes place inside the Lafayette Hotel, located in San Diego’s hip North Park neighborhood. We secure affordable rates for participating photographers, allowing you to stay on site and thrive among the community of artists. The hotel is a unique element to the Festival, putting you in the heart of an authentic San Diego neighborhood, with opportunities to lounge beside an olympic sized pool under the California sun.


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Photographers receive a minimum of eight, 20 minute meetings with curators, gallerists, and editors. Each meeting presents the opportunity to share your work, learn about curatorial interests and upcoming projects, and develop relationships that foster your career growth. Equally important are the peer relationships developed at every review event, when creative artists from across North America, Europe and Asia meet like minded individuals from distinct backgrounds.

Second Sight Award

Each year participating reviewers nominate three artists they met with, whose work and ability to speak about their work resonate. One artist is chosen through simple majority to receive the Second Sight Award. They are invited as our guest to present the following year’s Second Sight lecture, are included in a hosted dinner with our Keynote Lecturer, and participate in a fine print collecting program offered to supporters of Group f.16. Previous Second Sight Award recipients include Robert Calafiore (2018), Justyna Badach (2017), Leonard Suryajaya (2016), Ellen Garvens (2015), Kurt Simonson (2014), and David Emitt Adams (2013).

2018 Second Sight Award recipient Robert Calafiore and scott b. davis

2018 Second Sight Award recipient Robert Calafiore and scott b. davis

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