Second Sight lecture

with Mariel Miranda

9:30am, October 19, 2019

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Mariel Miranda is invested in the social uses of photography and its relationship to technology, space and memory. While her work stems from the sociological and archival research, she is also concerned about the production, distribution and cultural consumption of historical and contemporary images. Mariel is particularly interested in the intersection between critical theory and radical ways of teaching and discussing photography. Her work incorporates photography’s history and its complex social, class, racial, and gender power relations that are currently at play in national and transnational spaces such as the U.S.-Mexico and Mexico-U.S. border. 


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Everything was Black and Yet Glowed

Mariel’s lecture Todo estaba negro y sin embargo resplandecía (Everything was black and yet glowed) leads off a full day of artist lectures on October 19, 2019. She will discuss her work on this project, its development, and how it is informed by her research in public and private photographic archives.

Second Sight Award

The Second Sight Award is given to a participating artist in the annual Medium portfolio review, based on nominations from participating reviewers. Mariel Miranda was nominated by Monique Deschaines (EUQINOM Gallery), Jessica Johnston (Visual Studies Workshop), Emily Knapp (After 1920), Linde B. Lehtinen (SFMOMA), and Dana Stirling (Ain’t Bad). As part of the award, a limited edition print of Mariel’s work will be available to supporters of Group f.16.

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Mariel Miranda

Based in Tijuana, Mexico, Mariel Miranda has been awarded the 2019 Second Sight Award. She is the founder/director of the Tijuana International Festival of Photography (FIFT), and a selected fellow for the 2019 FONCA Program—an intensive, year long series of seminars led by renowned mexican visual artists and curators. She is a participant in the Programa de Fotografía Contemporánea (PFC) which brings artists from across northern Mexico for monthly critiques, exhibitions, lectures, and events in Tijuana, MX. Mariel teaches photography in Tijuana and is deeply engaged with a critical dialog about contemporary photography in Mexico and internationally.