Lecture with Meghann Riepenhoff

4:30pm, October 19, 2019

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Meghann Riepenhoff’s work responds to the very roots of photography—cameraless experimentations made with light and chemistry. Her practice considers our complicated relationship with the environment around us, impermanence, and the role images play in mediating the human experience.   


Influences and Practices

Meghann’s lecture Influences and Practices ends a full day of artist lectures on October 19, 2019. She will cover her early color photograms, influences, books, and her current work, cameraless cyanotypes made in collaboration with the landscape.

Meghann Riepenhoff

Riepenhoff is based in Bainbridge Island, WA and San Francisco, CA. She received a BFA in Photography from the University of Georgia, and an MFA from San Francisco Art Institute. She is from Atlanta, GA.

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