Lodging at Medium


Lafayette Hotel & Swim Club
2223 El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92104





Traveling FROM L.A.

Here’s our simple advice: leave before noon. The days of a two hour drive to San Diego are a quaint memory… unless you leave before noon or after 8:00pm. Take it from us, Medium is worth the drive, just choose your departure time wisely.


Traveling from Vegas

Want to have fun on your drive from Vegas to San Diego? Make it a road trip and leave I-15 behind. The alternate route through the Mojave National Preserve is not only magical, but you’ll see almost no cars on the road. And you’ll pass iconic landmarks along the way that will beg for you to ditch the car and grab your camera.


Traveling by air

San Diego International Airport has direct service from every major airport in the United States as well as non-stop flights from Tokyo, London, and Frankfurt, Germany. Our advice to you is this: Get a window seat on the port side of the plane. The view flying through downtown San Diego is unlike any airport (short of the glory days at Hong Kong Int’l).