Studio and Exhibition Tour in Tijuana, MX

October 20, 2019

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Join Medium for a full day visiting artist’s studios and exhibition spaces in Tijuana, Mexico on Sunday, October 20. The tour is included with all VIP and Festival Passes, or with a One Day Pass. The trip is a wonderful opportunity to explore the diverse cultural scene happening in the city of Tijuana, and learn about a few of the artists and organizations involved working in northern Mexico.

The cost of this day trip is $150 and includes all transportation to and from Mexico. Participants must have a valid Passport, confirmed prior to boarding the bus on Oct. 20.

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October 20, 2019

San Diego > Tijuana > San Diego

This one day event originates from the Lafayette Hotel in North Park, where we’ll begin a full day in Tijuana. We’ll make four stops throughout the city, including a stop for lunch along the vibrant Avenida Revolución, offering a wide range of food from vegan to traditional meat dishes and food. Registered participants must carry a valid passport (with at least 3 months before expiration) and assume all personal liability associated with international travel. At the end of the tour (approximately 6:30 pm) we will be dropped off at the Lafayette Hotel in San Diego. Out of town guests should plan to stay in San Diego on Sunday night, as border wait times can be unpredictable and we cannot guarantee the arrival time based on northbound border traffic.



We begin our day with a stop at one of Tijuana’s acclaimed galleries, La Caja Galeria. Beyond this we’ll head to visit the studios of photographers Ana Andrade and Monica Arreola, enjoy lunch along Av. Revolución, and visit Julio M. Romero’s solo exhibition at CECUT. During each stop there will be opportunities to explore the city on foot, guided by Tijuana residents who will share stories about the city and help us discover the rich history and culture of this border region. With a planned departure by 5:00pm we can expect to return to the Lafayette Hotel around 6:30pm.

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