Portfolio Review Boot Camp

August 11, 2019


Portfolio reviews are powerful tools to get your work in front of a national audience of industry professionals in one setting. They offer much more than a place to receive feedback, they are a place to begin relationships with professionals, meet peer artists from across the country, and gain perspective on your work as it relates to contemporary thought in the medium of photography. The workshop is ideal for photographers who have completed a body of work or are thinking about attending a portfolio review event.

The cost of this workshop is $55 and is limited to 15 participants


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August 11, 2019

San Diego, Calif.

Participants in this workshop will get a thorough review of what photographers need to think about before attending a review event. Presented with insight from both sides of the review table, scott b. davis will walk participants through the entire process and share successful strategies for making the most out of a portfolio review. Examples of various approaches to reviewer meetings, promotional samples, and suggestions for building relationships after the review will be covered in depth.



Workshop participants will leave with a thorough understanding of the field of reviews across the United States. Through a sample review process we’ll experience all aspects of a typical review in a condensed setting. Suggestions for organizing your portfolio and clarifying your vision will be offered.

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About scott b. davis

scott b. davis is a working artist and founder of the Medium Photo. He has exhibited photographs across the world and had his work reviewed in print editions of the New York Times, the Village Voice, the New Yorker, Los Angeles Times, and other media. In addition to running Medium Photo scott has attended portfolio reviews across the United States and worked as a mentor to photographers for more than 15 years. His photographs have been collected by the J. Paul Getty Museum, Pier 24, the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, and others.