Creating a Deeper Meaning of Place

with Susan Burnstine

February 15-16, 2020


The sights and sounds, culture, people and the land are some of the many elements that contribute toward developing an intimate sense of a place. But how do we as artists move beyond a simple travel snapshots and capture the beauty of place? Susan Burnstine will work with artists in this intensive two-day workshop to explore the meaning of place, identify your personal voice, and facilitate how to connect these two crucial elements into meaningful images.

The cost of this two day workshop is $495

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February 16-17, 2019

San Diego, Calif.

This workshop, offered for the first time in San Diego, will uncover how to identify and communicate your own personal meaning and style to create images that convey a deeper meaning of place, regardless if one has been to a location or not prior. Irrespective of the genre – be it landscape, still life, portraiture, nature, abstraction, photojournalism, self-portrait, or documentary – authenticity and emotional connection is the root of every image we create. Through classroom discussions and location exercises, students will learn to connect their own narratives to their external surroundings through this unique exploration of place and self.


Finding your creative voice is one of the central goals to all working artists. Throughout this workshop, Susan Burnstine develops an understanding of each participants work through conversation, portfolio reviews, and probing questions that get to the heart of your creative practice. Highly personalized to each participant’s goals and work, this remarkable learning experience offers lasting tools to hone and further develop the creative voice you uniquely possess. The primary goal of this workshop is to guide photographers to develop a focused understanding of place and how it relates to you and your work.

Through daily dialog and reviews of new work generated by participants, Susan offers concrete tools for individuals to hone their voice and focus on specific ideas that help articulate fully realized bodies of creative work in the future. Susan’s two previous books Absence of Being and Within Shadows laid the groundwork for helping others articulate and define a clear vision for their work. During the workshop she will include a brief presentation of her own fine prints and publications, as well as present a public lecture about her work.

© Susan Burnstine,  Absence of Being  book cover

© Susan Burnstine, Absence of Being book cover


About Susan Burnstine

Susan Burnstine is a fine art and commercial photographer originally from Chicago now based in Los Angeles. Her work is represented in galleries across the world and has been widely published in print and digital formats. During her career Susan has created twenty-one handmade film cameras and lenses out of plastic, vintage camera parts, and random household objects, with single-element lenses molded from plastic and rubber. Learning to overcome their extensive optical limitations required her to rely on instinct and intuition—the same tools that are key to her creative work that interprets the artist’s dreams. She has written for several photography magazines, including a monthly column for Black & White Photography (UK). Susan is one of the few photographers avidly pursuing alternative processes to create an idiosyncratic and deeply personal visual landscape.