Developing a Creative Photo Book

with Douglas Stockdale


It has been said that making a book can be overwhelming, and a different experience + skill set than taking photographs. This workshop is designed to bridge that gap, allowing the inspiration of other photo books to guide and inform the process from start to finish. Working with a seasoned book designer and photographer, each participant will gain a clear understanding of the process and leave with a limited edition artist book made during the workshop.

The cost of this two-day workshop is $395

Let Me Fall Again , Stiffcover book, handsewn binding, stitching, inserts, gate-folds, First edition of 239, hand-made in Russia   Julia Borissova , ©2018

Let Me Fall Again, Stiffcover book, handsewn binding, stitching, inserts, gate-folds, First edition of 239, hand-made in Russia

Julia Borissova, ©2018

March 23-24, 2019

San Diego, Calif.

Photo books are an increasingly important component to a robust creative career and a powerful marketing tool for photographers. This two-day workshop is an opportunity for artists and photographers to develop a working book dummy while exploring the creative possibilities of the photo book market. Each book produced by participants will be a useful model whether you intend to self-publish or work with a publisher to produce a larger print run. The workshop is meant to help each individual create a book that meets a specific and unique vision.

This is not a software driven class (no software or PowerPoint presentations of any kind, lots of hands-on stuff), this is a workshop about making a physical book dummy that provides the tactical feel for the book you are wishing to design. Each participant


The goal at the end of this workshop is for each participant to have a solid start on a book dummy. This is a workshop where we to over achieve, offering creative inspiration and input to help you build a book that exceeds your own imagination and expectations. We use Douglas Stockdale’s Guide to Self Publishing an Indie Artist Book, which is included as part of the workshop to help guide your way after the weekend.

Melissa Lazuka,  Song of the Cicadas

Melissa Lazuka, Song of the Cicadas

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About Douglas Stockdale

Douglas Stockdale is a workshop leader for Medium Festival of Photography, a submission reviewer for LensCulture, published by Punctum Edizioni, and on the faculty of Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP). He has self-published three artist books, two photographic how-to books, and has his own photographs represented by Fabrik Projects in Los Angeles. His website is